Top 5 ways to maximize your Seattle physical therapy experience

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Top 5 ways to maximize your PT experience
1.Be Honest with your PT, Be honest with yourself
When we ask you how you are doing, it is really important that you tell us if things are better, worse or the same. Our plan of care will change depending on your response to treatment. Don’t worry about trying to appease us just be honest. Also be honest with yourself when you are doing an exercise. Are you doing as much as you can? Are you doing too much? Does it hurt? Remember that it will not make you better to push hard if you are irritating injured tissue.
2.  Do your homework
We give you a self-management program so that you don’t need to come to PT forever. Do it! Even doing part of it is much, much better than nothing. There must be 5 minutes a day that you can get off the couch, off of facebook etc and do your exercises. PT only works with your compliance.
3. Ask questions
I love fielding questions about the rehabilitation process, injury progression etc. and I spend a significant portion of the session on education. If I do not answer your questions please ask.
4. Be on time
We offer hour-long sessions. We do this because at Union PT we believe that it allows us to achieve the best and fastest results. We make less money because of this but your health is our main priority. Please get to your appointment on time, lets use the time to get you well and move on with your life.
5. Set goals, let your PT know what you want to achieve
During your initial evaluation and throughout your course of therapy we want to focus on getting you to achieve your goals. It can be as simple as walking without pain or as complex as returning to CrossFit. Regardless of your goals it is our goal to guide you and help you achieve them.
–       Andrew Eisen DPT, Seattle Physical Therapist