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Get Back Out There

At Union we will match you with an expert who can identify the cause of your issues and make a plan that will help you meet your goals.

1-to-1 Care

We don’t utilize aids or assistants. Your treatment is spent with your PT to ensure optimal follow through.

Individualized Care

Your treatment is tailored to your specific athletic, work and life goals. We assess and re-asses your progress with each visit. This allows your PT to rapidly refine your care plan and get to the root of your problem.

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Your PT is trained to feel what you can’t. We get your body moving with skilled hands-on treatments. Learn more

We’ve Been There

We are athletes and we work hard for a living. We know what it means to be limited by an injury and what it takes to get back out there.

Physical Therapy Near Me

Union PT is centrally located in the Greenlake Neighborhood of Seattle with easy access from SR-99 and I-5. Learn more about why Union PT is the some of the best physical therapy near me.

Our Team

Seattle Physical Therapist

Our team of dedicated seattle physical therapists have over 40 years of professional physical therapy experience, and continue to learn from and teach the professional community along with each other to pursue mastery in our craft.

Your Drive, Our Knowledge

Our team of Seattle Physical Therapists with advance training and experience provide one to one care to help you meet your goals and get back out there.

  • ACL Rehab

    • Therapist follow progressive established evidence-based standards
    • We have the tools to get you strong enough for your goals
    • Return to sport testing helps you reduce your chance of re-injury
  • Blood Flow Restriction Training

    • Muscle strength and hypertrophy gains
    • Improved muscular endurance
    • Increased protein synthesis
  • Bridge to Performance

    • 12 custom workouts each month designed by a PT
    • Workouts are updated each week by your PT
    • Weekly check-ins with your PT available via email
    • Videos Demonstrations for Exercises
  • Climbing Injury Treatment

    • We know climbing and climbers bodies
    • We treat climber’s elbow, shoulder pain, pulley injuries as well as post-traumatic injuries related to falls
    • Return to Climbing Training Plans
  • Dizziness and Vestibular Rehabilitation

    • BPPV treatment using the Epley Maneuver
    • Concussion Treatment
    • Dizziness after a Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Mountain and Road Cycling

    • Bike Fitting
    • Bike Accident Rehabilitation
    • Mountain Bike Injury Treatment
    • Exercise Plans for Cyclists
  • Pelvic Health

    • Internal and External Pelvic Floor treatment
    • Peripartum and postpartum therapy
    • Treatment for incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and sexual dysfunction
  • Physical Therapy for TMJ Pain

    • Exercises for Jaw Pain
    • Manual Therapy to Improve Jaw Mobility
    • Referral Network for Pain treatments and mouth guards
  • Running Therapy

    • Treadmill Running Gait Analysis
    • Strength and Cross Training Programs for Runners
    • Flexibility and Mobility Programs for Runners
    • Running Footwear Assessment and Recommendations
    • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Skihab: Physical Therapy for Skiing and Snowboarding

    • Return to Sport Plans
    • Performance and Prevention Training Plans
    • Fitness Classes for Winter Athletesv
  • Telehealth Physical Therapy

    • Functional Movement Assessment
    • Ergonomic Consultations
    • Assess Quality and Quantity of Movement
    • Prescribe Exercises and watch for proper performance
    • Follow up with Exercises Plans that include exercise video demonstrations to follow at home
  • Whiplash Injury Treatment Center

    • Experience in Whiplash
    • Advanced Manual Therapy
    • Best Exercises for Whiplash
    • Effective Care Network

From the Community

“This is the best physical therapy office I have ever been to. Having been involved in sports my entire life, that is saying a lot.”

Union Physical Therapy
Based on 71 Reviews
Stephanie ..
Stephanie ..
2024-04-22 11:36:46
Michelle is great! I've been working with her for a couple months and she's always gentle and patient with me as I'm learning to work with my shoulder...
Madalyn R.
Madalyn R.
2024-04-01 14:42:20
I came to see Michelle after dislocating my shoulder skiing. she is amazing and knows exactly what I need to get back to work in a timely manner as an RN....
Moses R.
Moses R.
2024-03-31 07:28:06
The good folks at Union PT are knowledgeable, fun to work with, very skilled, and really responsive to questions and unique needs. I've worked with them...
John B.
John B.
2024-02-08 19:20:39
Unfortunately I've had several injuries and surgeries over the past few years that really set me back. Along the way, I've tried several PT providers but...
Kurt S.
Kurt S.
2024-01-01 14:08:11
I was suffering from a pinched nerve in my upper neck and went to Union Physical Therapy looking for relief after several months of severe discomfort. My...
Richard S.
Richard S.
2023-12-12 08:43:50
I had complicated knee and shoulder surgeries and was disappointed by the results from the one-size-fits-all approach at a large, multi-site PT...
Mark H.
Mark H.
2023-12-03 10:49:10
The quality of the team and the care they provide are among the best in the Seattle area. Every therapist is highly competent, and the team takes time...
Kirstin H.
Kirstin H.
2023-11-06 11:49:33
I cannot say enough good things about Union PT. I had severe neck and shoulder pain that came on suddenly, made it difficult to sleep and nearly impossible...
Elena S.
Elena S.
2023-10-16 15:02:43
I've been seeing Lindsey for my ankle and knee pain from running. She is super helpful and talks me through the exercises and how to be mindful of...
Danielle T.
Danielle T.
2023-10-02 12:15:42
This place is THE BEST! I have loved my physical therapists in Seattle over the years, but Jon Sparks has been particularly impressive. He's knowledgable...
ben R.
ben R.
2023-09-28 08:41:43
I had a long running issue with a pinched nerve. I made more progress with physical therapy here than I had with various other forms of treatment....
Stephen M.
Stephen M.
2023-09-27 20:02:40
Jon has been super helpful with my recovery from meniscus surgery and other issues. I also worked with Amanda in the past and was very happy with the care...
Erin B.
Erin B.
2023-09-24 20:21:27
This is hands down the best PT office I have ever been to. it's so great to have a PT who is also a climber and a skier. Josh had helped me heal from a...
Meredith I. H.
Meredith I. H.
2023-09-22 13:22:24
I highly recommend Union PT. I have been in a lot of PT that has gone no where-- have an appointment, get a home program that basically doesn't change,...
Ethan P.
Ethan P.
2023-09-06 23:30:02
Going to a physical therapist stinks because it means you were injured. But, if you have to go, go to this one. The therapists do a great job of assessing...
Michael A.
Michael A.
2023-09-05 16:34:51
Like many others here, I sought out physical therapy after getting injured while climbing. Once, with a finger pulley injury, and the second (in the midst...
Dan B.
Dan B.
2023-09-03 19:05:00
Going to Union Physical Therapy for past 3 weeks for previous calf muscle injuries. Kat has been great. Knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. Calf muscles...
Ryan C.
Ryan C.
2023-08-04 18:56:45
Got my knee rehab at Union Physical Therapy, and it was solid. They know their stuff and make sure you're good to go. Thumbs up!
Jon B.
Jon B.
2023-06-12 08:16:18
I've had really positive experiences dealing with two climbing-specific injuries here. Everyone in the office is welcoming and professional. I worked with...
Jenny B.
Jenny B.
2023-05-28 21:22:18
I highly recommend Union PT for the return to running program. I have severe Sacroiliac Joint pain and the care I have received from Jessica has been...
Andrea S.
Andrea S.
2023-05-16 23:28:56
I am a big fan of Union PT and would highly recommend to anyone seeking caring, supportive and skilled physical therapists. Friendly front office staff,...
Al L.
Al L.
2023-01-19 21:47:32
I can highly recommend Union PT having been originally referred to PT for an arthritic hip I went thru an extended program of " prehab" with Jessica...
Michael B.
Michael B.
2022-09-15 20:00:18
I've been to Union Therapy for two different injuries (torn hamstring and damaged shoulder). The first time the visits were split between two therapists,...

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03:39 07 Jun 23
Union Physical Therapy is great! I feel like my therapist has had extensive knowledge about the concerns I've come in with. The approach to handling my problems was often a deeper analysis than I anticipated -- what problems contributed to range of motion issues in which limbs (nerves? inflexible muscles? muscular recruitment?), how to actually work with the problem to address the underlying issues, etc.My therapist has also been very candid when checking up on my exercise form, and in my most recent set of visits here, chose to not give me additional exercises to keep my program manageable and pragmatic, rather than giving me so many exercises I'd fall off of the program.
Toby Bloom
Toby Bloom
19:23 22 May 23
My experience at Union PT has been great, from booking my appointments to the actual PT itself. I receive texts from an actual person when appointments open up, and when I call to schedule, the folks at the front desk are always friendly and helpful. Cat has been helping me work on some back issues so I can get back into my normal exercise routine, and she couldn't be any nicer to work with. She has a lot of knowledge about the type of exercise I have gotten in the past, and has curated a routine that is getting me back to where I want to be. Thank you Cat!
Marie Walker
Marie Walker
15:16 16 Mar 23
I am so grateful I found Union PT! The facility is lovely and has everything you need (including parking!), the front desk is helpful and easy to work with and the therapists are excellent. I primarily worked with Jessica; she is kind, supportive, well-informed, motivational and realistic. She never gave up and found solutions for me even though my injury was initially mysterious. I worked with Cat when Jessica was out of town and she was equally great! After a bit of a long road, I can finally look forward to a time when I'll be mountain biking, racing triathlon and doing the things I love. All thanks to Union PT!!
18:20 14 Mar 23
I am a rock climber and unfortunately I have needed physical therapy often over the years to continue to engage in my sport. This clinic has the best sport specific physical therapy that I have ever received. Jon is a climber and is knowledgeable about the unique needs of this sport. He is awesome! Staff here is friendly and I enjoy seeing Harvey the dachshund. Many physical therapy offices hand off to a physical assistant after a short meeting with the physical therapist. This is not the best care. Here you see your physical therapist during the entire visit. I have recommend this office to all of my friends.
Emi Hen
Emi Hen
00:24 22 Nov 22
I have been here since early this year after my knee surgery due to Ski. Michelle is an extremely responsible and nice therapist, who actively set-up recovery plan and listen to my feedback. Josh is awesome too, who sometime help me while Michelle is out. 100% recommend this place!
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