Redcord and Stability

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PRO it up with Redcord!

 Our friends at Herriott Sports Performance in Seattle have started a new stability class that would be a great compliment to traditional physical therapy core training. It is also a great way to gain stability for injury prevention and maintain stability in the spine, hips and shoulders.

Redcord is an exercise concept for building core stability and enhancing balance, flexibility and practical strength. It is suspension based exercise that uses your body weight as resistance and a mix of ropes, slings and straps to create an unstable base of support which increases demands on stability and muscular control. Redcord training is also a powerful stimulus for activating the body’s deep stabilizing musculature.
The simplicity and effectiveness of the Redcord exercises makes it an excellent compliment to conventional strength training and as a standalone training alternative for everyday wellness.

Record Active training is for EVERYBODY. Exercises can be easily adjusted to your strength level. Grandmas and gold medal athletes alike will benefit from the restoration and enhancement of optimal neuromuscular function and practical strength that protects the body and increases the quality of life and performance.
Recommended class attire is casual gym wear. NO bare feet are allowed in the training area.

Towel service is provided
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