The Future of Home Exercises at Union Physical Therapy

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The delivery of a home exercise program can be a bit tricky. It is often hard for my patients to organize slips of paper and to perform the exercise as it was intended because a picture only shows the start and/or end of the movement. A video shows not just the start and end of the exercise and the actual movement itself. This is a natural and long overdue evolution from stick figure and clip-art style handouts. You can watch these on your computer or smart phone and do the exercise along with the video. This is still a work in progress as we do not have every exercise that we prescribe as a video but it is a good start. I am sure that in a few years this will be the standard and we will laugh at the antiquated drawings that we (still) use, but for now it is pretty innovative and progressive in our field. Thank you to OptimisPT for making this part of our system.
Side Planks
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-Andrew Eisen DPT Seattle Physical Therapist