How does Telehealth Physical Therapy Work?

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, the holidays around the corner, and flu season ramping up you may wish to limit your exposure to other people and the public.  At Union PT we are continuing to follow CDC guidelines for patient screening, PPE in the clinic, cleanliness, and air purification in the clinic.  However, every situation is different and you may choose to look at TeleHealth as an option to start your PT care or as a way to continue to make progress toward the goals you have set with your PT.

What can I expect as a new patient doing TeleHealth?

On your first visit, if you are in the clinic or at your own home, the evaluation begins with a thorough history taking by your therapist to find out the uniqueness of your symptoms and some information about your medical history.  The first visit is also an important time for patient education about your condition.  When you are doing a TeleHealth appointment all of the physical assessment is done through observation of functional movement and specific tasks.   After getting a physical therapy diagnosis your PT will give you some things to start working on at home.  Most of the time physical therapy requires a few follow up visits to make progress toward goals.

Telehealth Physical Therapy – How does that work?

Did you know physical therapists are movement specialists?  They are trained to watch you move and break down functional movement patterns.  This type of assessment transfers very well to TeleHealth.  It is helpful to have your device on a surface that you can sit or stand in front of, but your therapist may ask you to prop your device on the floor to get a different view – depending on the body part/area that is being assessed.

I have already been seen in the clinic, what can TeleHealth offer?

Progress toward your goals. – Continuing your PT via TeleHealth will ensure you are continuing to make progress toward the treatment goals you have established with your therapist.  For a lot of folks, it offers a check in to be sure exercises are being completed correctly.  Exercises can be progressed via TeleHealth and it gives your therapist an opportunity to see how things are going at home.

Ergonomic assessment – What better way to check in with your ergonomics than to have your PT at your office (virtually).  If you are looking to review ergonomic set up it make sure you take your TeleHealth call on a different device than the one you are using to work from home.

Evaluate home workout routines – Many folks are turning to online classes to remain active during the pandemic.  If you are struggling with an exercise routine at home because of pain your PT can help.  PTs are trained to observe movement patterns and functional movement.  Your physical therapist can modify a routine to fit your needs.

TeleHealth is a way to offer accessibility to a physical therapist even when you may not feel comfortable visiting the office in person.  At Union Physical Therapy our therapists are trained to perform functional movement assessments.  Our therapists have experience with TeleHealth physical therapy and we know what works.  Schedule an appointment today.