Five Tips to Find Quality Physical Therapy Near Me

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I need physical therapy, how do I find the best PT near me?

In some cases, people go to see their doctor because of aches and pains or an injury and they are referred to physical therapy. Sometimes, people just know when they need to see a PT. Fortunately, Washington State is one of the few states in the US that has direct access. That means you can go to a physical therapist without seeing your doctor first. HOWEVER, not all insurance companies will pay for physical therapy without obtaining a prescription or referral first. You can always call your insurance company to find out if you need a referral for PT or feel free to reach out to a member of a admin team to check. Once you have determined you need PT and you have determined whether or not a referral is required, it is up to you decide which PT is the best fit for you.

Five Tips when finding physical therapy near-by.

1. Check with your doctor for who they recommend

If you have been to see your doctor, they may have a suggestion for who they would like you to see. It is great if your doctor and physical therapist have a good working relationship and open lines of communication. If your doctor has recommended a lot of different clinics, you might ask a friend or neighbor who they like. Remember, you can go to any clinic you choose. If your doctor has referred you to one specific place, you can still take that referral to the clinic of your choice.


2. Check online, read some reviews.

Choose your favorite search engine and type in “physical therapy near me”. Check out clinics that come up. Look at their websites. Do they take your insurance? Read some reviews of the clinic and the physical therapists that work there. Look for a bio for the physical therapists to get an idea what their specialty areas are and how that may match with what you are looking for from your physical therapy experience.


3. Location, location, location

Location is something to consider when choosing the right physical therapy clinic near you. Is it close to where you work or live? What about parking? These things may all make a difference when choosing a physical therapy clinic that will work best for you and your busy schedule. Your physical therapy visits may range from twice per week, once a week, or every other week so look for a place that makes attending your appointments easy.


4. Consider your goals and expectations

Perhaps this is the most important tip. Before starting a PT program, think about what your goals are from physical therapy. What do you expect to take away from the experience? Not all PTs are the same and not all clinics are the same. Based on your internet research, does it look like the physical therapist near you can meet your goals?   Does the clinic offer specialty services or programs? Will you work with your therapist the whole time or will you work with a support staff person, like an aid? Will your therapist use manual therapy to address your symptoms? Does your therapist have expertise in a sport or activity that you are trying to return to?


5. Come to Union Physical Therapy and Get Back Out There!

Union Physical Therapy is a small, 6-therapist practice in the Wallingford Neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Union PT offers one-on-one hour-long sessions with your PT. Our physical therapists have extensive post-graduate training in manual therapy and orthopedics, which means they have advanced training in how to use their hands to assess and treat your condition. Our therapists are trained to treat chronic and acute conditions. Conditions related to injury, overuse, and following surgery are also treated. In addition, Union Physical Therapy has the following specialty programs:

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