What is Kaiser Permanente Seattle Physical Therapy?

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When navigating the world of the American health insurance system, patients are often left confused or frustrated with long hold times and inconsistent answers from benefits representatives. Here at Union PT, our goal is to remove that hassle and have you focus on your treatment and getting back to doing the things you love.

Finding a provider in-network with Kaiser health insurance in Seattle

Finding a provider for any health care service that accepts your health insurance plan isn’t always easy. Searching on your plan’s online portal may help reveal providers near you but isn’t always 100% current with all providers covered under that plan. The best bet for patients seeking services would be to call the provider’s office you’re hoping to see and check with a member of the insurance verification team. They can provide insight to plans they accept and possibly provide you with alternative providers should they fall outside your network.

Does Union PT accept my Kaiser Insurance?

Great question. Union Physical Therapy is in-network for most plans under the First Choice Health Network. This includes First Choice, Kaiser Permanente (formerly GroupHealth), MODA Health and many other smaller individual employer-provided PPO plans. The one main exception to this rule is the Kaiser HMO plan, often referred to as Kaiser Core. Unfortunately, in order to use the coverage, you would need to receive services at an approved Kaiser facility. However, fret not. For any patient still interested in receiving our quality care at Union Physical Therapy, we do offer a 35% discount for all patients that elect to self-pay.

How much will my visit cost when I use my Kaiser coverage?

Unfortunately, coverage information and costs for specific plans don’t often have a one-size-fits-all answer. For your specific plan, we suggest all patients call the customer service line to speak with a benefits representative. As a courtesy, prior to your appointment, a member of our front office team will confirm your coverage and provide you with an estimate of your responsibility per visit. As a reminder, total costs and patient responsibility are subject to final determination from your Kaiser claims representative and any costs associated with denial of services ultimately fall to patient responsibility.

How can I schedule an appointment to use my Kaiser benefits?

Union PT makes it easy to schedule either online at https://unionpt.com/scheduling/ or over the phone with one of our friendly front office team members at 206.588.0855. We recommend new patients schedule 2 or 3 weekly follow-up appointments in addition to their initial evaluation to ensure there is no lapse in their care due to our therapists availability.

About the Author: Will Zharinov is the Practice Manager at Union Physical Therapy. Will is always available to answer any additional questions you have about your coverage or our services here at Union PT.