Welcome to Union Physical Therapy

Getting ready for your first appointment

Physical Therapy in Seattle

Thank you for trusting us with your care here at Union. Whether you schedule via our online scheduling platform [Schedule Here], or over the phone with a member of our dedicated front-desk team, we are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your care, your billing/insurance questions or anything else you may need. If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, we require 24 business hours notice. This means appointments that fall on a Monday will need to be cancelled/rescheduled the Friday before. Any late cancellations/no-show appointments will be subject to a $100.00 fee per our late cancellation policy.

In order to ensure our busy schedules don’t interfere with your ongoing care, we always recommend new patients schedule 3-4 follow-up appointments in addition to your initial evaluation. Once we’ve matched you with the perfect fit therapist, you will receive a confirmation email from our online scheduling platform, FullSlate. Included in this email will be links to all of your necessary paperwork. Please take the time to complete all parts of this paperwork prior to your visit.

For your first appointment, we recommend patients wear comfortable, athletic clothing in which your physical therapist is able to see and feel the treatment area we’ll be addressing in your visit. Union PT is also more than willing to offer you a freshly-laundered loaner pair of shorts or a top for your visit. Additionally, patients should bring with them a bottle of water for after your appointment.

Your Individualized Initial Evaluation

Seattle Physical Therapy

Please plan on arriving 10 minutes early with your paperwork completed. Your paperwork can be downloaded from your scheduling confirmation email. Upon arrival to the Tangletown neighborhood of Seattle feel free to park behind our building by traveling down the alley that is adjacent to our office.

Please plan on bringing your Insurance card and photo ID. If you have an L&I claim or a auto claim we will need your claim number and the name and phone number of your claim manager.

Your initial visit as well as all of your follow up appointments will each be one-hour long. During your initial visit, your therapist will discuss the issues surrounding your treatment and help devise a plan of care. They will explain each part of our treatment model and may use a combination of hands-on manual therapy, home exercise prescriptions as well as other specific treatment modalities best-suited to your conditions. After the completion of your visit, they will provide you with a Plan of Care referral. This note will have their recommendation for frequency and duration of care based on their years of experience. Feel free to bring this form up to our front office team to schedule all of these follow ups to ensure you are able to find appointments that work best with your schedule