Pelvic Floor and Women’s Health Physical Therapy:

The physical therapists in our pelvic floor program recognize that women, in the traditionally defined sense of the word, are not the only people who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. We seek to be inclusive, and welcome any person, regardless of how they identify, who presents with pelvic related pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and post-surgical scarring.

Specific to women who choose to have children, many will experience pain that begins in pregnancy, which, if not treated early, will continue to persist for years or even decades after child birth. These conditions often include low back, pelvic girdle, and hip pain. Postpartum conditions may include tailbone pain, diastasis rectus abdominis, scar tissue related to C-section or vaginal delivery, bowel and bladder dysfunction, organ prolapse, and sexual dysfunction. Early intervention for these conditions can minimize long-term effects of pregnancy. Our women’s health therapists understand how pregnancy, delivery, and childcare can affect a woman’s body both acutely and in the long term.

Our pelvic floor and women’s health program seeks to treat all people in a compassionate and non-judgmental setting. We are open to treating all people experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction.

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