Union PT offers therapy for cyclist looking to return from a wreck or who are dealing with a repetitive stress injury.  We offer bike-fitting service for mountain and road bikes that can be billed to your insurance plan if it relates to an injury. We understand the unique demands that cycling places on your body and we are able to address whatever wear and tear is associated with this. We like to rehabilitate you injury and then fit your improved structure to you bike. This ensures your issue doesn’t return. We also work to build exercise programs to improve performance and prevent future injury.

  • 5 Tips for a Great Backpacking Pack Fit

    Let’s start out by saying, we have all been there…you know the 1 hour into the trail and the weird pressure points and pains start to make their way onto your body and you can’t believe you’ve only been hiking for 1 hour, when it feels like at least 5. So, what is the solution […]
  • What is a Bike Fit?

    Bike fit is the process of determining and implementing an ideal position on a bicycle. An ideal position varies from cyclist to cyclist. For the purposed of this post we will only focus on a preventative fit and a fit for an injured/recovering cyclist. Performance fits are similar, in that both fits should make your […]