Bridging Recovery to Return to Sport

Program Offerings:

  • 12 custom workouts each month designed by a PT
  • Workouts are updated each week by your PT
  • Weekly check-ins with your PT available via email
  • Videos Demonstrations for Exercises

How We Build the Bridge

We start with an in-office consultation to complete testing using PT examination techniques, force plates and digital dynamometers. The information gathered in your assessment helps us to assess your phase of recovery and design your customized training plan. This plan will keep your body in a state of progressive overload that is appropriate for your phase of recovery to maximize your progress each step of the way. Your plan is updated regularly and you are able to ask questions that will be answered weekly as you train.

Who is This Program For

This program was originally designed for patients recovering from an injury and looking to return to sport whose insurance coverage was limited or exhausted. It’s appropriate for any patient looking for the detailed approach to workout programming that they would get at a training facility at a fraction of the cost. This program is appropriate for people looking to avoid surgery (“copers”) or someone coming back after a period of deconditioning.

Program Costs:

Current Patients of Union Physical Therapy:


Free if the proper assessment has been completed in office

Membership Fee:


Patients From Outside of Union PT:


$100 fee to cover the cost of the testing and examination required to build your program

Membership Fee:


Complete the Intake Forms to Get Started:

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